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Singapore Botanic Garden II

It was finally time to go out and take some new pictures. And also to try my new toy: a G15. Much easier to carry around than the DSLRs and still able of taking great shoots (me, that’s another question). Since I was not sure I would be able to carry the heavier equipment for a long time, it was a great idea and I ended up spending 5 hours in the Singapore Botanic Garden. I still need to get used to take pictures using the rear screen instead of a viewfinder. I am going there though…

As for the subjects… Some people are attracted to flowers. Well, I cannot say I am not, but I am utterly unable to take a single decent picture of a flower. What attracts me most is the leaves and their patterns. So green is the key color here.

Leaves in Singapore Botanic Garden

Symmetric leaf pattern in Singapore Botanic Garden